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How to Install Windows Xp -Step by Step Guide

 Hello Friends

Who have seen your friends or the shop from where you bought Your Computer,they Install Windows Xp operating System in your Computer. The shopkeeper Usually take Rs.300 to install Windows Operating System in your hard Disk.
So, I am going to post here the step by step Procedure of ,How you can install windows Xp,in case,your Operating System Got corrupted .No need to go to Shop keeper and again pay Rs.400.
Just Follow the steps what I am Describing Here .It is more enough to install Windows Xp in Your Operating System.

Basic Step If Your are installing Windows Xp ,after got Corrupted by some mean,they It is important to Backup your Personal Data in a Other Storage device like Cd's, DVD's to avoid loosing Your Data. If You are not in position of Storing the Data then No need to worry. What you have to do is ,just copy the important Data from your C: Drive ,if any,to other partition of Your hard disk because only C drive will get effected if you reinstall operating System.

Please If you are new to this then follow each step slowly by reading the instruction there and here.

Step 1 :First Prepare for The Boot Sequence

To do this ,Insert the windows XP operating system CD in your cdrom/DVDrom and then Go to the BIOS Setting by hitting(Pressing) “DEL” or “F12? when your system in Starting[As soon as you restart your computer by inserting the CD]. Go to Boot order and make sure cdrom is on the first place.
Save these settings and restart again your computer system.

After successfully booted from the CD,Now you will see a Windows XP “Welcome to Setup” screen just you are seeing below in the figure. After seeing this figure Press ENTER to begin the setup process.


Step 2: Now the second step is to Accepting the license agreement provided By Microsoft

After the Second Step,when you press Enter then you will see this Windows XP license agreement.Here You have to press F8 to accept it and proceed to step 4.


Step 3: Searching for Previous Versions of Windows XP
In this step, windows will automatically search for existing Windows installations(if any already present). You will see the next “repair or install fresh copy” screen appear only if You are reinstalling a new xp operating system.

If you’re installing first time operating System then skip to 5th step[it will automatically come to step 5].


Step 4:Continue Installing a Fresh Copy
After completing the step 3, a figure given below will appear on your Screen.Press ESC key. After pressing the ESC key,the operating system will give a list of partitions available on your hard drive.[Here I am considering only Single Partition on your Hard disk.If you have more than one partition then it will show you all the available partition then you have to select where you want to Install this new operating System.]


Step 5: Selecting the Partitions
As i have told already in the previous step that If you have more than one partition then it will show you all the available partition then you have to select where you want to Install this new operating System.After showing the all disk's,Use the UP or DOWN arrow keys to choose where you want to install the new Operating System.

The partition size ,where you are going to install operating system should be at least 10 GB in size.

Once you have selected the installation drive, press ENTER key.If you already have Windows installed on this partition,you will see the next screen “you already have a system installed”.

If you are installing on a new hard drive, Go to Step 7.


Step 6: Continue your Installing work On The Selected Drive
On the above windows screen You will see a list of instruction to follow.Then Press C key from your keyboard to continue to this step.You will be given a list of install options on this new screen.

Step 7:Now it time to Format The Selected Partition
Select the option to “Format the partition using the NTFS file system (quick) and press ENTER(prefer).It will take less time to format.If you are reinstalling your windows Xp then You will receive a warning message about formatting the drive.

Step 8: Continue With The Format

Press F key to continue formatting selected partition. Leave your system for some time.After Formatting the drive ,it will automatically restart and start copying the containts from your cd .It is shown in the next step.


Step 9: Copying Files

After Formatting the drive ,it will automatically restart and start copying the containts from your cd .


Step 10: Automatic Installation After Restart
After the Copying at the things from your cd it will restart and ask you a message

"Press any key to continue"..

Please Do not press any key otherwise it will start formatting again from the step 1. After 10 second you will see the windwos screen. Here the Setup will continue and it will ask you to enter the product key and user name etc.
After this step at the steps are easy.You can follow it easily ,no need to worry.


After The Complete Installation follow this to use the operating system

Install all the required software like vlc media player,acrobat reader,etc..

Install the all the software of your Mother Board provider. It will enable your the various feature like audio.video etc..

Thank You